I am an enthusiastic lecturer, and greatly enjoy this vocational aspect of academic life. I am continually engaged in finding ways to integrate theory and practice into teaching work.

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Teaching experience
Teaching ethos
Teaching portfolio

Teaching Experience

I teach both theory and practice-based modules in digital media, across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. I co-ordinate and teach the lens-based media, graphic design, and animation streams on the BSc in Multimedia, and the MSc in Emerging Media at DCU. I have competencies in various aspects of multimedia production,including photography, graphic design, visual culture, animation, (stop-motion, 2D vector animation and 3D).

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Teaching Ethos

My teaching ethos is centred on finding innovative ways to integrate traditional ‘production’ modules with critical thinking. I consider it a duty not only to give students a grounding in technical skills, but to develop conceptual and critical skills. I have developed modules that transform theory-based modules into learning environments where production skills are utilised in critical ways, and multimedia artefacts are presented alongside traditional written essay work. Likewise, with practice-based modules, I have integrated research and conceptual components.

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Teaching Portfolio

Here is a list of modules I have taught at various third level institutions:

Module name

Undergrad or Postgrad

Theory or Practice

1 Photography & Design 1 UG P
2 Imaging & Design 2 UG P
3 Digital Imaging III UG P
4 Digital Video UG P
5 Digital Storytelling UG P
6 Media Innovation and Enterprise PG P & T
7 Digital Video and Audio Post-production PG P
8 Science and Society UG T
9 Introduction to Media Studies I UG T
10 Introduction to Media Studies II UG T
11 Convergences UG P & T
12 Socialisation of Technology UG T
13 Multimedia Industries UG T
14 Dissertation UG T
15 Final dissertation supervision UG & PG P & T
16 Final project supervision UG & PG P & T
17 Critical Praxis UG T
18 Animation UG P
19 Media Animation PG P
20 Emerging Media UG T
Modules co-ordinated but not taught:
21 Physical Computing UG P
22 Media Art/Visual Culture UG T

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