July opens with the sounds of the water. This recording was taken in deep water, with the hydrophones suspended in the river. Nevertheless, the hydrophones pick up the sounds of the water lapping against the boat in which the recording equipment was situated. There is a hollow emptiness to this month. A month that should be characterised by intense activity is instead characterised by a few moments of intense activity close to the hydrophones. This activity is noisy, revealing the curiosity of the creature in attempting to forage the hydrophones themselves. Then, halfway through the track, it appears as if noise has entered the recording system. This is the hiss of a heavy rain shower. The water runs faster as the rain pours. The creatures are silent. The interaction of water from the air and underwater is all we hear. As soon as it commenced, the shower is over, leaving the listener to witness the empty river and a single creature once more interacting with the hydrophones.

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