Trish Morgan is an assistant professor in multimedia at Dublin City University. She is also an associate member of the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) at Maynooth University.

Trish is a media studies scholar who has had the benefit of an interdisciplinary perspective from geography. Her central research interest is in the communication and representation of environmental issues through theory and practice-based approaches. Her research output ranges from ecological sound art, photography, Scopus Q1 journal publication, and government agency report contribution.

Trish has recently been awarded funding to investigate how cultural practices can communicate environmental issues in novel ways. In 2017, she completed a PI role on an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded research project. This project, titled Going Green Digitally? Environmental Crisis, Consumption Patterns and the Evolving Role of Media centred on the media and cultural industries and their role in fostering discourse and behaviour change around consumption practices and ecological sustainability. The report of that project can be viewed here.

Trish holds a PhD in Innovation in Digital Media Production from Dublin City University, having being awarded funding by the Irish Social Sciences Platform to complete PhD research on innovation in digital media. She formerly worked in IT networking and security for two Fortune-500 companies.

You can contact Trish here.